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Alvo News - July 3, 2019

Happy to 4th of July 

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2019 07 03 MurrayFire 4thPancake

2019 07 03 MFF OOZEBALL


2019 06 19 MRY MCC July 4

2019 06 19 MRY MFF CAR SHOW


2019 KCCB Summer Newsletter pg 1

2019 KCCB Summer Newsletter pg 2


Eagle farmers market every Thursday through August 29.

4-6:30 pm

We have a new location, 5th and Hwy 34.

New vendors still accepted, for 1 or 2 months or the whole summer.


fair raffle

2019 Special Quilt Block rules 


State Senator Rob Clements 6-21-2019

I would like to discuss three bills I worked on this session.  They are LB209, a pro-life bill, LB 452 a development district bill, and LB 454, a real estate licensing bill.

LB 209 provides information to pregnant women considering the two-step abortion drug protocol.  The notice lets women know if they change their mind after taking the first pill, they may stop and receive medical treatment to continue a viable pregnancy.  In layman’s terms, it is called the abortion drug reversal procedure. The treatment needs to start within about 48 hours, so early information is critical.

Senator Joni Albrecht introduced LB 209 and I was a co-sponsor.  It was filibustered, needing 33 votes to pass, and it did pass May 30th with a 36-12 vote.  I am pleased that Nebraska now gives women information to change their mind and have a chance to deliver a healthy baby.  Hundreds of women nationwide who started the abortion pill process have delivered healthy babies using this safe procedure.

LB 452 was a bill I introduced on behalf of Cass county and city officials.  It moves Cass County from Region 6, Southeast Planning and Development District (SENDD), to Region 8, the Metropolitan Area Planning Agency (MAPA).  This will allow Cass county to be more involved with the growth that is moving south from the Omaha metro area. In addition, MAPA expressed willingness to help area communities plan and grow.  I was able to amend LB 452 into priority bill LB334 to get it passed. Thank you to those of you who came to Lincoln to testify and help pass this bill with a 47-0 vote.

LB 454, is a job friendly bill that amends the Realtor licensing requirements.  My office heard from a Cass County homeschool graduate who was denied a Realtor’s license, even though she had passed the required real estate classes and license tests.  State law required an applicant to be a traditional high school graduate or a holder of a GED. A home school graduate or other non-traditional applicant was not included under the law.

My office was able to work with the Real Estate Commission and the Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee to resolve this unnecessary restriction.  LB 454 passed with a 47-0 vote.

Feel free to contact me or my staff for information, questions on issues, or assistance.  You may reach me at: Senator Rob Clements, State Capitol Rm 812, Lincoln, NE 68509, Phone 402­471­2613, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Alvo Volunteer Fire and Rescue Application

Please click the image below and print the form. Drop it off at the station when you are ready. 



 2019 Passport to Italy

 2019 Stepphing Stone Workshop

2019 Free Weaving Workshop 


Cass Co Food bank 2019



LHSJ 2019



Greenwood Days 2019



Happening Nearby


East Cass Pioneer Cemetery District 2019 meeting dates:

May 13
June 10
August 12
September 9
October 14

All meetings held at Murray, NE Town Hall at 7 p.m. and open to the public.


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Come check out our new DANCE FLOOR!

July 6 - Down Home Band
July 20 - Elaine Beherends & Friends

August 3 - Lucas Minor Band
August 17 - Larry Hanson & Company


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