Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Fire Department Activities

Cass County Fair Parade - August 10th 2013 - Cass County Fairgrounds


CCF2013 1


Chief Rick and FF Neil line up for the parade in Alvo 140


CCF2013 2

It's nice and cool in the truck.

CCF2013 4

Future female firefighters are there to toss candy (the dentists love this part of parades).

13CCF 5


When you are young, climbing up on the truck is FUN!



CCF2013 6

Special effects by Kelly Anderson.


13CCF 8


The view through the dusty windshield - Kelly and Sydney and the Olson kid hurry up and wait for the parade to start.

13CCF 10


Chief Rick getting orders from headquarters, FF Anderson ready to roll.

Photos by Kelly Anderson



Limestone Days Parade - June 30th, 2013 - Weeping Water, NE

WWLD parade lineup

2013 Limestone Days parade lineup, Weeping Water, NE. Area Fire and Rescue Departments are a large part of this event.

WWLD Neil Ryankids

Firefighters Neil Huskey, Ryan Anderson and their daughters, Ella Huskey, Karly, Lia and Sydney Anderson wait for the parade to start.

WWLD Neilkids

Firefighter Neil Huskey and the future Alvo firefighters, Ella Huskey, Lia Anderson, Karly Anderson and Sydney Anderson.

WWLD future firefighters

Firefighter Ryan Anderson and future Alvo firefighters Lia Anderson and Ella Huskey get ready to roll.


Future firefighters AKA those Anderson kids (Sydney and Karly) practice their attitudes.