Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Alvo Fire Department


Any young person interested in becoming a Fire Cadet, come to the meeting, meet the Alvo Fire Department members and complete your application or download it here.


Click here for application form

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Next Meeting - Wednesday, 5 February, at 1830 in the Fire and Rescue Meeting Room


Seven fire calls this month - field and/or brush fires that rekindled from permitted burns days earlierr or of unknown origin. And now hay bales.

The first small fire was handled by Eagle Fire and Alvo Fire and took about an hour. 


chase11 03 ks-fire

This wasn't our fire but looks about the same only with not as many trucks.

The second one was contained after three hours by Greenwood, Eagle, Alvo, Murdock, Ashland, Waverly, Southeast and Cass County Emergency Management. From that fire, our water tenders were staged at the Greenwood Interchange for a fire north of I-80. Third fire was a mutual aid call for Southeast - blew a tire on the weed truck and got cancelled. Fourth fire took Greenwood, Alvo, Murdock, Elmwood and Ashland. Fifth fire was handled by Eagle, Alvo and Southeast. Sixth involved several large round bales near 162nd and Van Dorn, which was also the seventh fire with a rekindle. Eagle, Alvo and Southeast spent six hours over night and then another hour after the sun came up.

 KOLN video of Bluff Road fire


162nd & Van Dorn

Fire162VanDorn 4

Fire162VanDorn 6

Single digit temperatures, wind from the north and toxic smoke from hay bales. Eagle hydrants froze after single fills of water tenders (tankers for you old guys). One firefighter transported to SERMC Burn Unit for smoke inhalation. Hoses at the fire ground froze as well. If the wind had been from the southwest, we would still be there.

A big "THANK YOU" to Southeast Rural Fire Department for the overnight mutual aid and Bennett and Southeast for the daylight response.


Hey everyone - don't even ask for a burn permit unless we get an inch of rain or foot of snow. Field conditions are very dry and there is a lot of crop residue (fuel) and winds are strong (oxygen) and that combination can refuel and oxygenate a few embers you thought were out.


We need more firefighters - especially the young and strong.

As Roger Murtaugh has said - "I'm gettin' too old for this $#!+!"