Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Alvo Rescue Squad News

Alvo Rescue Squad awarded Nebraska EMS for Children decal!EMSC114

The red equipment rocker shows that both ambulances have 100% of the equipment recommended by the EMSC Program and Advisory Council to care for pediatric patients - including infant and child seats, pediatric backboards, traction splints, and a separate jump bag for pediatric patients. The first bag was donated by Lincoln Kiwanis Clubs. When 80% of our members complete additional training in pediatric emergencies, the Training rocker will be awarded and when the Squad sponsors a pediatric event in Alvo, the Community Rocker will be awarded.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, 12 March, 1900 Fire and Rescue Meeting Room

Training - Omaha Pediatric Transport Protocol and Pediatric Burn Trauma


The only information we can release is the number of times we are dispatched - so here goes. We have been dispatched 11 times so far this year.

We have been asked if information about rescue calls could be included in the Alvo on line newsletter. Due to recent changes to the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the short answer is NO. Actually, since 2005, federal law has prohibited health care providers from releasing any information that identifies patients. Names, addresses, age, gender, medical and mental health conditions are all Protected Health Information and can't be shared with the public.

One of the requirements for health care providers - including rescue squads - is to notify patients of their rights with regard to their personal health care information, so here is a link to the 5 page document that all our patients will be given when any care or transport is provided.

Alvo Rescue Notice of Privacy Practice Download


So - if you want to know more, pick up an application at the Village Clerk's Office on Saturday morning, register for and pass an EMT class and you can go along - but you can't tell your friends, neighbors or family what you know.

 Any young person 11 and older interested in becoming an EMS Cadet, join us at our next meeting. You can download the application form clicking on the link.

Click here to download Cadet application form