Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Western Feeders 4-H Club

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The Western Feeders 4-H Club meeting was held on May 30, 2013 at the Alvo Fire and Rescue Station. Roll call was answered by telling which of their 4-H projects is the best to take to the fair. The club awarded the top three salesmen of the 4-H fruit sales a cash reward. The top three sales people were Mickayla Larsen, Marshall Caddy, and Jared Schroeder. Members all completed the Quality Assurance training so they would be eligible to show at the county fair. Members brought canned food items to donate to the food pantry and will be donating $25 each to the Eagle and Waverly Food Banks. Members also wrote thank you notes to the Veterans for serving and protecting our county. The club will deliver them to the VA Hospital where they will hand them out to the Veterans who are staying there. Our club also is looking into purchasing an American Flag to donate to the Alvo Fire and Rescue Station, so they can use it for meetings and other special functions. Lynn and Carleen collected the Animal ID sheets from the members and will take them to the Extension Office. They also discussed upcoming dates and events. The meeting was adjourned by members enjoying a patriotic cupcake and juice.

Respectfully submitted,

Mickayla Larsen

News Reporter