Wednesday, June 16, 2021

First School Bus

Handcrafted model of the first Alvo School Bus

built by Clarence Frohich




The model has functional side curtains, leather harness, an enclosed driver's compartment and complete interior detail. Clarence Frohich, who farmed south of Alvo and attended Alvo Consolidated although he did not graduate from Alvo.

Five wagons were purchased in 1916 to bring students living within three miles of the school. "Some rode 24 miles a day on a 12 mile trip, and one bad winter we only saw our homes on weekends because it was pitch dark when we got home." - quote from Clarence in the May 9, 1985 issue of the Weeping Water Republican/Louisville Messenger report on the 1985 Alvo Alumni Banquet.


An original wagon was refurbished by Morris Robertson, who brought it to many community events in the 1980's and 1990's, allowing youngsters (and some oldsters) to share the same experience as their ancestors.


Dennis Robertson with the restored Alvo School Wagon at the 1998 Alvo Day Parade.


Closeup of the Wagon with alums and some others along for the ride in 1998.


Dennis and the Wagon on main street - 1998 Alvo Day Parade. As far as we know, this is the only wagon left of the 5 original horse-drawn wagons.

Pat Umland, Alvo Historian