Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Jayz Cafe Review

Jayz 001

Another nearby secret - not your typical small town diner - less than 15 minutes away along Highway 6 in Ashland.

The only place I know that lets you create your own salad based on lettuce and 5 more ingredients. On our second visit, we both had the Cobb salad, mine with the Greek dressing and my partner with Ranch dressing on the side. The only reason I didn't lick the bowl is that my best friend wouldn't let me. I also had French Onion soup. Outstanding!! This is the second place we have been within 15 miles that has better French Onion soup than Grandmother's, which until now, I have rated the best. Service is great - even over the busy noon hour your drink glass is never empty Sourdough rolls are fresh and warm and the butter isn't frozen. Since I am on a low-carb diet, I can't rate the dessert pies, cake and rolls on taste; however the appearance and aroma are outstanding. The food is worth the drive. This is gourmet home cooking, served with a lot of love.


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