Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Trisha's Farm

Alvo Business of the Week, September 17th 2014

Trisha's Garden is now Trisha's Hen House is now Trisha's Farm


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Trish has fresh asparagus, salad greens and dill plants available now

Our grown up chickens are laying! The chickens have renegotiated their contract and egg prices have to go up. We have large eggs at $1.75 a dozen and medium eggs at $1.50 a dozen, which is still a better deal than Lincoln grocery stores. Open mostly in the afternoons at 4712 North 214th, Alvo. Just south of 214th and Fletcher on the east side.

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"Remember that the egg is the work of a moment for a hen, but bacon is a lifetime commitment for the pig." - Village Inn

Call or text her at 402-890-1786 so you won't waste the drive.