A Truly Unique Dining Experience - not in Omaha, not in Lincoln - how about in the country?

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Just 17.6 miles from Alvo on 10405 Branched Oak Road, northwest of Waverly at Lakehouse Farm two Navy veterans have created a certified organic produce farm and converted a former fish shack to a one-of-a-kind restaurant overlooking Sponheinmer Reservoir. The atmosphere is elegant - casual dress code, but imagining a full house in evening dress is easy. The view over the reservoir changes with time of day and the seasons. Wednesday night, the aerator bubbles looked like diamonds reflecting the setting sun. Overall, after driving down the farm lane, parking on a crushed rock lot, you get a jolt when you walk through the door. Chef/Owner Renee Cornett selects the weekly (Wednesday through Saturday evening and Sunday Supper) menu based on the season and availability from their producers. Food items are from their own farm or from other Nebraska farmers who are organic or use sustainable practices. The wine list has selections from Italy, France, Spain, California and North Platte. (The Feather River Vineyard Sarabande Rose '12 was our choice and will be again.) The beer is from Nebraska Brewing Company in LaVista. Our meal was three courses with four choices of appetizer, four entrees and two sweets. The three of us ordered the same appetizers and entrees which were outstanding. the spouse had the Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cake and I had the Panna Cotta with fresh raspberry garnish. We shared a bite from each with Mike, who wanted more - sorry, dude. Praire Plate has been open since April of this year and will become one of the top dining locations in Nebraska. Come, eat and enjoy!


West dining room that converts to a meeting room.


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