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Hello neighbors!

The Alvo Community Improvement Association would like to announce the third and final event for 2022, Holiday Cookie Decorating, to be held on December 3rd from 3:00PM to 4:00PM at the Alvo United Methodist Church located at 205 Harrison St. The event has been added to the calendar and the flier is below.

Holiday Cookie Decorating 2022

The November Board meeting has been uploaded and can be found by clicking on the Videos tab at the top right, or by clicking here.

During a recent trip around the State Capitol building, I was reminded of a quote that is inscribed above the main entrance by Nebraskan philosopher, Hartley Burr Alexander, and that is "The salvation of the state is the watchfulness in the citizen." His work is hinted at in many aspects of our beautiful state's history, and I encourage my neighbors to familiarize themselves with his work. 

For now, I hope everyone enjoys the mild weather as it continues, and I hope that your Thanksgiving is as warm and joyous as can be. If you get a chance, get out and meet your neighbors!



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 Eagle 2022 Soup Supper Flyer


The Living Nativity Flyer 2022

naitivity exp 01

Touch the animals, hear them, observe them .... we can learn a lot about Jesus from the lives around the manger where Jesus was laid.

naitivity exp 02

Enjoy some Christmas Caroling music from groups around the community. 


White with Christmas Lights


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