Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Late Honors to a Vietnam Vet


PFC Stanley Stoltz had "...about 2000 friends." attend his comittal service at the Omaha National Cemetery on Tuesday, 27 November 2018.   My thought is that Stan, like many of his Vietnam brothers, did not adjust well to his return to the world. He died in a nursing home, only his caregivers with him. Good Shepherd Funeral Home couldn't locate family so they invited the public to attend in the obituary published in the Omaha World Herald. Social media picked up the information and as is said, it went viral. His brother in Iowa found out about the service and was able to attend. The service was delayed for about 20 minutes so those who parked on Highway 50 could get to the open air chapel. This Vietnam vet wants to thank all the active duty, reserve and national guard members from all services who were there. Thanks also to veterans from Vietnam, Granada, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. And a salute to military family members who came out in the 20-30 degree weather. A special Mahalo to civilians with no military ties that honored him.

Stan was likely not given a parade or treated as a hero, as were all Vietnam veterans. So it was humbling to be part of this respectful group that finally said "Welcome home, Stanley."

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